Anyone that have exited from the armed forces uniformed units into the civilian world before?

I’m at the end of my current contract in the armed forces and contemplating to sign a new contract or to exit.

There were a few considerations behind this.

  1. Promotion in the armed forces is not as I expected, I gave my all to my unit however time and time again I have been passed off from promotions.
  2. There is no career progression at where I am.

With that I have considered leaving the force before but have continued on due to me being unwilling to pay the breaking of bond fee.

I was wondering if there have been any of you guys that have left and managed to craft out a career for yourself. I do have friends that have done that but I would like to hear other people suggestions.

The world is your oyster. I am a firm believer that if you are a good worker that can solve problem, work well in a team & has decent EQ. Generally you will thrive in whatever environment you are in.

That said, there will be this promotion issue elsewhere in the private sector as well. So consider your options wisely before you make the change. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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