Balancing Work and Passion, How Can I Do Both?

I’ve always been passionate about graphic design, but I’m currently in a job that doesn’t allow me to utilise these skills. I’d love to hear from those who have successfully integrated their passions into their careers. What steps did you take to make the shift, and how did it impact your work-life balance

One of my friend’s wife actually tried starting out freelance as a designer out of interested. She was a marketer by day. Over time as she got better and honed her skill, she manage to utilise her newfound designing skill in her day job.

My point being , start small. It will be tiring and difficult at the start but over time as you practice it does get better. After she integrated the new skill into her day job, she felt that her work was more meaningful and in turn was happier as she was doing what she love.

Hope I’m answering to your question. Cheers!

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