Best place to start learning coding?

Just wanted to ask what’s the best place to start learning coding? Hopefully somewhere free for now! And what’s the best language to learn?

I recommend websites such as Coursera and EDX. There are several free courses from reputable institutions such as Harvard and IBM to provide you with a good foundation for coding skills.

Generally Python or SQL is the most commonly used language in the tech industry, so I will recommend one of these to start.

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Hi, I went through a coding course and obtained a coding qualification/certificate from DigiLabs. It was free as it was sponsored by the government I think. But you have to apply and get selected for it. It runs every year. You can read more about it here and here.

The course is all online but there are group projects, assignments and exams. All the best!

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I recommend using Smartcademy for their data analytics program. Having took the course myself, the Smartcademy data analytics program offers a comprehensive data course on how to use Python packages (Pandas, Numpy, Seaborn, Scikit, etc) to wrangle, transform and visualize data. You will also get a chance to use Tableau to create aesthetic dashboards to visualize your insights (there is a capstone project for this too). This course may have 90% IBF subsidy or skillsfuture claims for selected Singaporeans (need to check with the course coordinators)

If you are in university, you can try taking modules such as IS111 introduction to programming, DSA212 data science in R to get a feel of programming.

Most coding languages are free and open source, so you may want to consider looking at community websites such as Github, Stack Overflow, etc for inspirations and improve your code efficiency/reliability

Personally I would say I would prefer R to Python when it comes to data analytics. R is designed specifically for the job, for statisticians by statisticians

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