Breaking scholarship bond for better opportunity?

Hello, currently I am less than a month into my 2-year scholarship bond with company A. However, I have received an offer from a highly regarded multinational corporation (MNC) that includes a 20% salary increase, 3 months of annual wage supplement (AWS), and additional benefits. Although my current company does not provide AWS, it offers an End of Year bonus equivalent to approximately one month’s salary, as confirmed by my colleagues.

I am contemplating the idea of breaking my bond in order to pursue a higher remuneration, but I am apprehensive about leaving my current job for something unfamiliar. It’s worth mentioning that my present company provides a fantastic work environment and is quite comfortable, whereas the MNC may require me to visit various project sites for supervision.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on this matter.

Well congratulations on being noticed. Not everyday you get to have an opportunity like this.

My younger self would say go for it, however after working for quite a few years now, money to me is just one aspect of it.

My take would be, do you want a career or a job. A job is where you go in, earn the big bucks and head on to your next company. You won’t have much freedom there, nor will you enjoy it.

A career on the other hand will be difficult at the start, rising through the ranks, getting to meet great colleagues and bosses, work on exciting projects and a voice that you can suggest, feedback and make changes.

These are intangible benefits that are unseen and most people would shun away from for the sake of better pay.

I’m also not trying to imply that the more money you get, the more toxic it would get.

Look at this in this perspective, hopefully it helps. Choose a company rather than a post. Company that takes care of their employees are hard to come by these days. Choose wisely!