Career progression difficulties

I’ve been in my current role for several years and have mastered most aspects of it. I’m eager to advance in my career, but I’m not sure which path to take. Can anyone share their experiences with transitioning from a mid-level position to a more senior role? What strategies did you use, and what challenges did you encounter?

Ah, the eternal quest for career ascension! Transitioning from mid-level to senior roles can be like switching gears in a manual transmission car – you know it’s possible, but you need to navigate it just right. My advice: Think of your career like a Rubik’s Cube; it’s all about aligning the right pieces. Seek mentors, explore additional training, and take calculated risks. The path may twist and turn, but with each move, you get closer to solving the puzzle. Who else has a unique analogy to share for career advancement?

Eh bro I feel you. It’s like standing at the hawker center, staring at all the food stalls, and not knowing which one serves the best dish, right?

When I wanted to level up in my career, I kena stuck in the middle too. So I asked the uncles/aunties who’ve been there done that. They told me, ‘Wah, you must upgrade your skills like how we upgrade our kopi to kopi-c siew dai, kena power-up, bro!’

Networking with big bosses also work, you know jio them for coffee, but make sure it’s kopi-o kosong, no sugar-coating.

I think just take the kiasu approach, learn, and expand your horizons. Jiak humble pie and you’ll be sibei ready for the senior role liao! Best of luck, bro! I also stuck being senior manager very long liao, hope you’ll go beyond me!