Considering about leaving my company during it's bad times

My company has been treating me pretty well. Gave me a promotion well ahead of time. However, I am one of the only few that can do a certain particular task. Right now my company is facing alot of issues with its customers because of faults. This faults is causing many issues & truth be told I am quite jaded about it because we have been dealing with this for about close to a year…

I am planning to leave the company next year as I would like to have a change of environment but it would seem that I am "abandoning ship " because of the current circumstance of the company. In fact, my boss is actually planning to give me an increment for me to stay. I am hence really conflicted.

I do enjoy the company culture, the company benefits & my colleagues are great as well. Would like to consider all points of view before deciding. Please feel free to give your input.