Guideline to be earning at every life stage

Is there a standard or guideline for the expected income levels at various life stages? Although I realize that this may differ depending on factors such as industry, job experience, and other variables, I’m curious if there are general benchmarks for earnings during specific age ranges, such as 25-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45, and 46-50. As a point of reference, I’m currently in my early thirties and earning approximately 60k per year without any additional sources of income.

In my opinion, there are no general benchmarks. I would say if you do that, you are just jumping into a rabbit hole.

The more important thing is to find a company you enjoy working at, great colleagues and managers and ultimately if the company supports your growth. Having said that, 60K a year is probably good enough for your stage in life. Just make sure to be indispensable so that even when times are tough, you are well protected.

Take a grain of salt in my opinions, others might not agree to everything.