How do you handle salary delay?

I previously inquired about this company’s potential red flags. I have since left the company, but they have been consistently delaying my pay. Although my payment was supposed to be received by March 7th, they have not provided any updates even after a week has passed. Despite my attempts to communicate with my supervisors, they have either ignored me or provided vague responses such as “I am not sure” or “let me check with xxx”.

This is not the first time that they have delayed my payment - it has happened three times already. The company previously stated that the delay was due to my use of Trust bank, but they managed to pay me through that bank the first time, albeit late. I have since switched to OCBC, but this time they did not give me any explanation.

I have informed them that I will be filing for salary claims with TADM, but they do not seem to be worried and are taking their time with it. I am looking for suggestions on how to address this situation.

Well according to MOM, salaries must be paid within 7 days of month end. I might be wrong but here’s the link to mom site for reference. Paying salary

I feel if ultimately you have exhausted all amicable means of retrieving your salary, then maybe it’s time to head to TAFEP | Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices and explain your situation. I have had friends who were in the same predicament and was able to find recourse from them. I’m not very familiar of their procedures but do get in contact with them, I’m sure someone will be able to help.

I think for me, I would first approach my manager, if that doesn’t work then go to HR and finally if I run out of options then I would be heading to MOM or TAFEP

Echoing everyone here, best bet is to take a step by step approach, manager > HR > TAFEP > MOM.

Don’t burn bridges as much as possible.