How do you resolve conflicts amongst team members?

I realise i’m having a hard time trying to resolve a conflict between myself and another colleague of mine in the same team. We had different views on a work issue and resulted in us having some arguments.

Both of us have valid views but i feel strongly about mine and he, his. So I’m not too sure how to bridge the gap between our views. Before this episode, we had a great time working with each other. But now, we rarely say hi much less interact with each other. I fear it might come to the point where one of will quit because of this.

What can I do?

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Personally, I do feel work is work. We are all there to make a living & to provide our service & talent to our companies. While I do agree it is common to get into disagreement / conflict. I feel the need to seperate between work & relationship.

Your work opinions should not define who you are & the relationship with your colleagues should still be well maintained for a good work environment. Maybe you can offer to strike a conversation or even go for lunch to have a quick chat & clear up the air if that helps. :slight_smile: Hope this helps!

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