I'm really clueless after graduating from Business School

Really not sure what to do after graduating. Have graduated with a business administrative degree, how and what should I do? Follow my friends to become financial advisers? or property agents?

I am in the same predicament, while it has given me lots of opportunities, I couldn’t find a job I love and kept job hopping. I finally given up hope in working full time and went to be a private hire driver.

While I love the flexibility, I don’t really like the fluctuations in my salary, while not really an advise, I really wish someone could have guided me when I was younger.

The beauty of a new grad is that I believe you have room to fail.

Failing is not the end, it provides you with new perspective of the jobs you can possibly do. So I would say, try as many opportunities as possible.

If possible be a “Yes man” say yes to everything that come your way.

Fail Fast, Fail Often, Fail forward.

For me, I have always been a big picture person, so find something that fits in that big picture.

I was in the same predicament too. I think being fresh really helps brings a new set of eyes for businesses. So keep moving like what @debcheng said.