Leaders that are unwilling to give guidance

Have you encountered leaders who are reluctant to provide mentorship and constructive guidance, only offering criticism when things go awry? My immediate supervisor takes credit for my successes while consistently assigning blame to me for any shortcomings. Frankly, I find this situation disheartening, but I value my colleagues and team members immensely. Any suggestions on how to navigate this?

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IMHO, that’s a very big red flag for your superior to do this. It’s unethical to claim credit that does not belong to him.

However I see that you are on the fence because of your colleagues and team members. I would suggest either 1. talking to your superior about how he feels you are performing and trying to see where his stance is. 2. you can choose to speak to your colleagues about this too and see if they can help.

If you are still wanting to stay, see if you can go straight to the top to speak to someone above your superior, sure that might be overstepping but it’s your career on the line.

Do give it some thought before you execute any of these and see which works for you best.

All the best!