Lost JC student with no idea what to pursue after A levels

I am going to finish my A levels in 2 months’ time. I don’t know degree to pursue. Kind of wished I am a guy so that I have two years of National Service to think about it…

Anyone with similar experience can share with me your journey?

Hi! As a sophmore in NTU, want to encourage you to do some research post A levels! Amidst your A levels, it’s definitely difficult to make time for career exploration. But Post A’s, you can go for open houses to talk to seniors and lecturers. Consider going for mentorship programs or connecting with professionals from fields that pique your interests to clarify if it’s really a good fit for you (a mentorship platform you can use is Halogen Foundation Mentorship or connect through LinkedIn).

If after all the research you’re still unsure of what to major in, don’t worry! Just pick the course that speaks to you the most (maybe not too niche, so you can branch out later). Know that going into a specific course does not mean your career is set in stone. See University as a stepping stone to explore and fail before going into the real world. There are no skills gained that are obsolete. And many skills picked up from your major (technical or soft skills) can be transferable to other fields in the future. So your University degree is not a be all end all!

For myself, I picked Psychology because I loved learning about the concepts through self-help books and youtube videos. I never really considered the career pathway I can embark on with this degree. And am only realising now that to practice as a clinical psychologist, a Masters is needed. But through my university experience, I learnt how clinical psych is not the only route for a psychology cert. There are many in Psych who went on to become Data Analysts, HR Managers or Social Workers.

So yes, research and ask questions! But rest assured that no matter what degree you go into in the future, you can adapt it to fit changes in your career interests :slight_smile:


Hi i also picked psychology in ntu and i agree with the response as well. I think it is important, although, to research enough about the courses and modules that are available so that you don’t get disappointed if they don’t fit your ideals or expectations. If possible, you can also reach out to your schooling seniors in different courses to see whether their majors seem interesting!

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