Need help in choosing a course in Polytechnic

Hi Everyone, I’m about to graduate from Secondary 4 this year and I have troubles finding which course to take in School.

My parents have no qualms about me taking any course, but the problem is, I do not know what I want to do yet. I’m afraid I might lose my interest if I take the wrong course.

Also, most of my friends have their heart on SP or NP, but I’m not even sure what course to take there.

Any advice would be appreciated.


I feel you on this topic. Was in the same predicament as you at Secondary 4. But for myself, the option of going into JC was open for me (not sure if this is the same for you…?)

Considered very briefly to go into Poly, but as my interests were very varied, didn’t think Poly was a good fit for me. JC gave me a good 2 years buffer to really explore my interests more in depth before I went into Uni.

For yourself, if you’re set on poly, maybe consider what are your strengths and interests and don’t go into a course that is too niche so you’re able to branch out later on. I know of friends who go into Business first and then consider making a switch later. Importantly, don’t discount the skills you will pick up in Poly as many of them might be transferable, no matter what career you go into in the future :slight_smile: Jiayous~

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