Overseas Relocation Plan

Greetings, my company is planning to relocate overseas for several reasons, including proximity to our primary business areas. As a result, I am conducting my own due diligence to ensure that it is a fair deal for both my company and myself.

Could someone advise me on various aspects such as payroll, expectations, etc.? Although there are resources available on the costs of living and rentals to assist with my thought process, there does not appear to be comprehensive information available on expat salaries and packages.

On the positive side, I really appreciate the culture, people, and environment of the new location, and it offers potential career development through overseas redeployment, as some of my friends have suggested. However, there are also potential drawbacks to consider, such as my marital status, and the possibility that my spouse may not be able to find employment there. This would place the full burden of financial support on me, which may not be feasible at this time as we aim to save as much cash as possible. Additionally, there may be limited opportunities for salary increments and no employer contributions to CPF, and the cost of living, rentals, and expenditures may be higher.

If anyone knows of a professional or someone who is knowledgeable about this topic, please direct them to me.

I’m no expert but as someone who is also planning to relocate, would love to hear from others who have experience