Passion and Career

Just wondering if anyone had the privilege to follow their passions yet earn a respectable or livable income? I have been dwelling on this for many years now. Before the pandemic, I was heavily involved in diving, and now that I am closing to ending my education in a couple of months time I wonder if diving is the right career for me and if I should chase my dreams.

Just to put in context, I’m studying business administration now and about to graduate from polytechnic. With the world changing so rapidly, sometimes i’m just a little afraid of chasing after something that I can’t earn enough to live by.

I might as well be the first to break the ice here.
Choosing passion and earning are really two difficult topics to decide.

Just to give you an example, I have multiple tattoos on myself and I often go to masters to do it. Yes, it’s more costly but they have mastered the craft, I do give small pieces and less complex ones to apprentice and they learn from there.

Many of the master tattoo artists, whom have taken decades to practice, learn from other masters and become who they are today. So to answer your question, it’s not about choosing passion or career, it is whether you are able to have the persistence to become a master.

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I agree with @staniluslee, every master was once an apprentice. Choose what is important to you right now, however this also means tons of sacrifices and hardwork, sleepless nights and loads of being alone.

Ultimately, if becoming a master at your craft can earn your keep and makes you happy, there’s no point comparing to others who are earning more.

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I think between the two. I would work my full time and teach diving part time, at least until diving can earn me my full time salary.