Should I change my job?

So the only reason why i’m here is because I’m in a dilemma, I am currently in a fantastic job, great worklife balance, great colleagues, great bosses and everyone is just so supportive. It’s been a while since I have been at a job for so long.

Recently, I was contacted by a recruiter to join another company. He mentioned that the pay was XXX Amount, about 50% more than what I currently earn. That really made me wanted to try for that role, when the call ended. I was excited for what my career can mean for me by joining this company, but over the last few days. I have been contemplating hard of what I really want. If that job with more pay does not come with great colleagues and bosses, would I be happy leaving? Leaving this job could mean that I have to start again with building relationships with people, showcasing my work and what I can possibly do.

So while, the pay increase sounds good. I have yet to be put in a spot like this before. Need some advice here. :slight_smile: