Should I sign on?

Currently I am about to graduate in 6 months from Poly & will be enlisting in might enlist in May. I am thinking of signing on as an officer. Can anyone share with me the pros & cons of signing on?

Hello, I think you should wait till you enlist before you decide on whether you want to sign on or not. I think that the only pro of signing on is a stable career but apart from that I can’t think of any else personally. For the cons, I think that a career in the armed forces is very repetitive as even though you go through many different roles, but the overall theme is still about the same. Also you need to be ready to deal with many interpersonal problems as what the armed forces have the most is personnel. I also heard that you should secure a position in a university first before you think of signing on as your education will be sponsored by the armed forces and also your starting pay might be higher and your progression would be better.

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