Strategies for Overcoming Career Plateaus?

If you’ve faced career plateaus, how did you break through? What strategies or mindsets helped you push past stagnant phases and continue your upward trajectory? I been senior manager for 8 years and my company haven’t consider me for promotion to assistant director at all…

I too am facing the similar situation, my two cents on this is to either ask yourself if this company is worth the effort. If it is, try finding projects that you can do that is not in your job scope. Simple things like planning a dinner for your colleagues, or even bigger events like planning for dinner and dance would help you in this aspect.

If not, it is time to look for opportunities elsewhere as it seems that your company either does not see the need to promote you, have no seats for assistant director or just simply do not know how to manage employees expectations

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I agree with the previous user on this. However, have you voiced out to your superior/HR that your intent? Often we do not let our organisation know of our expectation.

That said, if your intent is made known but they still hadn’t considered you, maybe it might be better for you to look for opportunities elsewhere…