Surviving Black Friday Madness

Just need to vent about my Black Friday retail escapade here. Absolute madness… queues stretching to infinity… relentless customer demands, and the feeling of being invisible to it all. The worst of all… prepping for Black Friday, working late nights to manage the stock

Anyone else out there feeling the post-Black Friday burnout? Share your war stories and let’s find some humour in the chaos

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Ugh, tell me about it, @izcospark… I’m still recovering from the endless lines and the chaos at the checkout. Do you think the salary is worth it, or are we just subjecting ourselves to torture?

Black Friday hits different in Singapore sia… My patience was tested, and I discovered I have a talent for dodging mothers. How did your survival strategy go @izcospark ?

Classic Black Friday moves, right? And @juanitodonson, I’m still questioning if my salary is ever worth the retail chaos. Anyone else contemplating a career change after this?

Ya, the Black Friday madness is like a crash course in retail survival! @chenghm83, dodging parents must be an acquired skill by the end of it.