Thoughts on Job Hopping?

Any thoughts on job hopping? Personally have seen peers that job hop every 1-2 years & they get better welfare & benefit as they job hop… For myself, I am currently stuck at my role for 2 years with slight increment & sometimes I do wonder if I should have a change of environment.

While I do enjoy the environment, I also do wish that I can get more substantial increment…

working is not about just the salary and benefits, but also the experience that you gain. if you feel that you have gain enough, then move on to a more challenging job.

I think it depends on the industry you’re in, if you make jumps within the industry or a related industry it’ll help leverage for better benefits and salary. (although this, in my experience depends on your interview skills as well haha)

just for context though what are you doing currently?

In my opinion, it is good to look for a good job progression and potentially get the higher pay than to stick in the same company without any form of progression and increment.

It would be good to perhaps consider on what could be something you would like to learn or pursue as a career.