Upskilling budget , time & resources

Just wondering how much time & money do you spend yearly to upskill yourself on a yearly basis?
I know of many that goes to many courses & spend a fortune on these courses.

How much time is enough & how much money is enough for these courses?

That’s really a great question @Xxavier, I would also like to know. But my view in this is that spend within your means and not chase after shiny objects, in this case, overpriced courses.

I upskill myself knowing that the amount I put into this translates in growth in my job or potentially a career switch. Ultimately, you have to decide on your own, what’s best for you and if you really will learn anything from it.

I agree that chasing after courses is not an ideal way, what would be good would be that you first search out the career path you want to take and from there identify the courses needed.