What can be done to assert oneself in the workplace when feeling bullied due to a lack of experience?

It is important to distinguish between helpful feedback and unkind criticism. This situation is causing a great deal of stress, and it’s difficult to determine who to confide in… Can anyone give me suggestions?

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Ah, the fine art of feedback filtering! It’s like distinguishing between fine wine and vinegar. Here’s my take: Seek out the ‘sommeliers’ of advice, those who have a knack for offering constructive feedback rather than serving up sour critiques.

Start by confiding in someone who’s known for their wisdom and empathy, like sharing a fine wine with a friend who appreciates the nuances. Then, consider engaging with a mentor or a trusted colleague – they often have a refined palate for feedback.

Remember, it’s all about finding the right ‘tasters’ who can help you separate the valuable advice from the not-so-pleasant criticism. Who else here has a unique approach to this ‘tasting’ process?