What do you do if you feel unchallenged at work?

Hi everyone, recently I’m feeling a little unmotivated at work. I feel the work that I’m doing day in and day out is getting mundane and I feel disconnected during work.

I won’t say I am trying to quiet quit but I feel like my job that I’m doing no longer offers me any challenge for me to tackle.

This may sound odd to some where they feel getting paid and doing mundane jobs are great, which I feel that it’s great that they feel that way and can still continue to work at the same company for many years.

But for me, having challenges at work helps me to improve my skillsets and grow in my role, so for those that have faced such situations before, how do you feel when you feel unchallenged at work and what do you do if you want those challenges?

imho, it’s great that you are a hustler and constantly trying to improve your career and progress further. Lack of challenges in your job could be hard for a person like yourself.

My take would be to find some time with your manager, discuss with him/her on your career aspirations in the company and what would it take to get there. Lay out a plan to reach there like taking on projects outside your jobscope to improve the odds and also to create more challenges for you.

Keep searching for projects to do, volunteer for things outside your jobscope. Of course one might feel underappreciated. However from what I have learned throughout. It is not who you know that matters, but who knows you that matters the most. Just like in marketing, if you are known to higher management, it is easier to get promoted or be appreciated.