What switch did you make, and why? How did you do it?

Career-changers: What switch did you make, and why? How did you do it?

Posting here because I’m more interested in a Singapore context.

I’m looking for a mid-career industry switch myself (not exactly mid-career as I’ve only been working around one year plus but yea), and am considering going back to school to do a Masters in Business for this. Reason for switching is passion - lack of it in my current industry (marketing), while I have it for the industry I hope to join where I can do more business development than just marketing…

But I’m worried about opportunity cost of not working for a year while I’m at school (I’m male so I’m getting closer to the wrong side of 30), as well as not being able to break into my new industry of choice after my studies. Pragmatic Singaporean side of me thinks it’s better to stay with a secure, decent-paying job rather than jump into the unknown.

Hoping to hear stories/experiences of fellow mid-career switchers!

Thanks in advance.

IMHO, to be in business development aka sales. You have to be more confident in being able to identify the customers painpoint?

One book I found really helpful is the SPIN Technique by neil rackham. This really helped me in the way I identify with the customer so he/she thinks that I’m not just a snakeoil salesman but really as a friend trying to identify their problems and help overcome them.

Having said that, sales can be done at any age and doesn’t really require a Masters in Business for this.

Hope this helps!

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I was once there, from my opinion. I lost many years to that to my peers, but ultimately, i’m doing so much better now. I feel more confident, I am happier, I have more time for my family and ultimately earning more.

I won’t lie, it was tough at the beginning but I had my family to support and cheer on me. At the end, the sleepless nights and sacrifices are worth it.

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